Friday Favorites (Just A Few From Nordstrom Sale)

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! I’m headed to Florida next week! The weather looks nice for a run at the beach tomorrow! With the slightly rough week I’ve had at work, I’m very excited for a nice summer weekend and packing for my trip. You know I will have all of my Stoney Clover pouches out for a […]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — My Top Picks!

Nordstrom anniversary sale

  I took the time to preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and came up with a decent amount of good finds for us! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been in preview mode and will open today for select cardmembers, opening for all cardmembers August 13. It opens to everyone on August 19.   While I know […]

Friday Favorites (funnies, skincare, good sales)

lipstick testing

It’s Friday. Did you know that? The news anchor on television thought it was Tuesday so clearly we are all confused. As I said in Wednesday’s post, I’m sticking with what I know and doing the regular routine here because that’s really important during uncertain times. Therefore, I have some Friday Favorites for us. This […]

Fashion Finds from the Week – On Sale Right Now Too!

fashion finds

Is it suddenly Friday like out of nowhere? Not complaining at all but I wanted to spend more time on this post as there are a ton of good sales taking place this long weekend BUT I ran out of time. Ugh! Instead of not posting the fashion finds I’ve already put together, I’m going […]

Nordstrom Fashion Finds This Week

fashion finds

  I put together some Nordstrom fashion finds as they are running up to 40% off certain items as well as a buy more, save more type of thing for Nordy Club and Card Members. Stoney Clover Glow Small Silver Patent Cosmetics Bag – You know I love Stoney Clover. This small silver patent pouch is […]

Food Highlights from My Son’s Birthday Weekend

margarita pizza

  I’ve got a nice round-up of meals to share today from my son’s birthday weekend! I love that my son’s birthday falls right around the start of the hockey season. It’s just so fitting for me to have had a baby born this time of year. I don’t even know if I fully realized […]

Heat Wave Week In Workouts + Pure Barre Anniversary

treadmill run

  Before getting to my heat wave week in workouts, I wanted to address the Nordstrom Anniversary sale which you have likely seen plastered everywhere. I recall saying this last year during this sale — I see very little of interest to me on sale, therefore, I can’t really recommend much to you. Unless you […]

Sarabeth’s + Colorful Carrot Coins + Nordstrom Sale Picks

sarabeth's ahi tuna

Well this was a weird week, right? It was short in terms of back to school/work routine but long when you realize New Year’s Eve was Monday night. Either way, I am just glad it’s Friday! I need to regroup so I can truly get back to normal routine next week. A few quick favorites […]

cake for lunch, new clothes to report & other stuff

cake tasting

  This weekend was packed with everything I needed right now: A Saturday long run, cake for lunch, completing my son’s packing for camp AND a really long but productive day of shopping at the mall for clothes. I think the highlight of Bar Mitzvah planning so far was Saturday’s cake tasting at the bakery where we are having the cake […]

Cut-Back Week/Workout Recap

coffee in bed

  Good morning! I am just sitting here, well, actually laying here, sort of like I have been most of the weekend. I don’t schedule my cut-back weeks but have realized they occur naturally for me and almost always fall during that time of the month. I was major PMS earlier this week in that my mood […]

Comfort is Key

Rise and Shine! I hope it is beautiful outside where you live and that you are able to take advantage of the spring weather by doing something outdoors. I was up and out early for my run and may I just say, I am LOVING my new Brooks Glycerin sneakers. Foot pain? GONE! I was […]