Spring Time Favorites

ihop pancakes

  Oh, Hi. It’s me. Just sitting over here in New York finally enjoying some Spring time weather! It feels like the weather had been cold, rainy and dreary for weeks on end so to really feel the start of Spring over the weekend, reminded me why I love this time of year so much. […]

Spring Preview 2015

spring preview 2015

  I realize it’s only March 3rd but you already know how excited I get for being this close to spring. Even if it is going to snow again today, rain crazy tomorrow and then snow again by Thursday morning. Let’s not talk about that. I am gearing up (ha, no pun intended) to put together my warm weather […]

Pure Barre Craving & Random Friday Stuff

nike sneaker boots

So I had a craving yesterday morning and it wasn’t for what you are thinking. As you know from reading my weekly workout recaps, I have been keeping up with Pure Barre from home by following the DVD versions of the classes on what pans out to an almost every other day basis. But sometimes, like yesterday morning, I sort of miss the actual Pure Barre studio […]

Sprinkles Make Me Happy


  Oh hi. Don’t mind me, I am just up a bit early drinking my coffee and making a fresh pot of oatmeal before I leave for the race in Long Beach. If you still haven’t tried cooking steel-cut oatmeal with old-fashioned rolled oats and chia seeds I am going to suggest once again that you do; […]