It’s Okay To Not Sign Up For A Race

nyc marathon

    The registration lottery for the 2017 New York City Marathon begins today. Last year I did enter the lottery although I really don’t know what I was thinking. Did I really think that I wanted to run the marathon? As of now, I do not plan to enter the registration lottery for this year. Most people […]

New York City Marathon Memories

New York City Marathon 1986

It’s Marathon weekend here in New York! In honor of the Marathon on Sunday, I thought it would be fun to share my dad’s memories again from his first New York City Marathon experience back in 1986. You know my dad ran the New York City Marathon three times right? So you may have read […]

Do I really want to run this half marathon? (workout recap)

NYCRUNS falling leaves half marathon week #5

Lately I can’t help but feel grateful for not being accepted to run the New York City Marathon. Does anyone remember that I applied to the lottery earlier this year? It would have been my first marathon but thankfully, everything works out the way it should because this was definitely NOT my year for training […]

I’ve Been Waiting For Today

  Today is March 8th. Today is the day of the New York City Marathon lottery drawing which determines entry into the 2016 New York City Marathon should you have applied for the chance at entry via the lottery. I applied. In January. When the entry period opened. Uh huh. I always said I would never […]

scenes from the week & next week’s meal planning

candy bizbash

    This week flew by < – not complaining, not one bit. I was super busy this week between my son’s soccer games after school (I made it to the correct fields this time!) and I had a blast at BizBash, which is an event industry annual show in Manhattan. Although I was technically in attendance for […]

Filling You In Friday

Lulu Vinyasa Scarf

    When school is closed for two weeks and lots of holiday hoopla is thrown in the mix with a trip to Disney in between, I struggle to know/care what day it is. But it’s Friday and I need to know that it’s Friday so that I am aware of my long run on […]

Weekly Workout Recap 10/27/14-11/2/14

Red Mango Parfait

  When it comes to the time change, usually my appetite wakes me early because it is used to eating breakfast by a certain time but I have a feeling I woke up not from my stomach but from the sound of the wind outside my window. The forecast is calling for 40 mph winds […]

NYC Marathon And Chocolate Donuts


  My earliest memory of the New York City Marathon revolves around a chocolate donut. Of course it does. All of my memories are linked to food. I was eight years old, standing on the corner (of First Avenue?) with my mom waiting to see my dad pass by as he ran the Marathon…but we missed him. Because I needed […]

Speed Work on the Treadmill and Helpful NYCM Apps

Hello and happy weekend…I just finished my long run not too many minutes ago but that’s not what I am here to talk to you about today. We need to discuss yesterday morning’s speedy 5 mile TREADMILL RUN. That’s right friends. I opted for the treadmill yesterday morning for the first time since, oh, I don’t […]

What To Do With Your Candy, NYCM And Pile On The Miles

Confession: On November 1, 1991, I went trick or treating with a friend pretending to be a wrong calendar. While not everyone shared in my humor, we were greeted with many happy people who were thrilled to be able to unload the rest of their Halloween candy that was still situated by their front door. I was quite the creative sweet-toothed genius […]