Billy Joel New Year’s Eve + Some Recent Eats

town bagel salad

Does anyone know what day it is? This week is going to feel weird until it’s over, isn’t it. That’s just how it goes with the holidays. So. While I find most New Year’s Eve hoopla overrated, Billy Joel was playing at the Coliseum so like, why not go?! I’m not much of a concert […]

Thinking Out Loud From Boston

hotel breakfast

The kid who just last week told me that breakfast wasn’t important is certainly enjoying the morning meal this week. We love hotel breakfasts. Always have and always will. I may stick to oatmeal but gosh I love when it’s unlimited and positioned next to the fruit display. I know I sound so cliché when I […]

Hi From Boston!


Hello from Boston! My original plan was to post yesterday morning but then my wifi internet connection wasn’t working right so instead of fixing it, I used it as an excuse to take a break. I drank my Starbucks coffee (there’s a Starbucks here in the hotel) while watching the snow come down and it was quite […]

NYE from NYC

cookie ice cream sundae

Happy New Year! It’s really funny –the television makes it appear like the whole city is all Rockin’ New Years Eve but outside of those Times Square streets surrounding the big ball that drops (which I rarely see because I am asleep), the rest of the city is kind of peaceful. You would have no idea what was going […]

WIAW- New Year’s Again & Recents Eats

Cheesecake Factory

  It’s Wednesday, just in case you were wondering like I was when I woke up. It gets all confusing around the holidays, doesn’t it? It’s also the last day of 2014. Like, wow. I recall New Years Eve 2013 so well that I cannot believe it was 365 days ago. I randomly ended up in […]

Happy New Year From Times Square

  Good morning 2014! I had no intentions of being out last night. In fact, I can’t recall the last New Year’s Eve that I spent in a restaurant or anywhere outside of a friend’s house or the comforts of my own home. I was not exactly in the fa-la-la mood as you may or […]

All Holidayed-Out

  Something interesting happened after we spoke yesterday morning. I didn’t feel well. It was a short-lived bout with “not feeling well” but I was nauseous enough to know that there was no way I could go for a run. Or even a walk. Or attempt any form of my 30 minutes a day. Doesn’t […]