National Running Day & Recent Eats

national running day

  It feels like I was just making my National Running Day badge for last year and here we are again! National Running Day is always the first Wednesday in June which makes me happy because it is always around my birthday, if not on my birthday, which happened two years ago! For more info on […]

Rainy Ten Mile Run And Birthday Recap

brownie cookie sundae

  Can we just start today with me telling you how sweet you all are? Your birthday wishes and the fact that you listen to me ramble on about chocolate cake means the world to me. Like really. The world. Can’t thank you guys enough. And don’t think for one second that I don’t plan on […]

WIAW and National Running Day

copycat cheesecake factory salad

  It’s National Running Day! National Running Day occurs the first Wednesday in June (last year on my birthday!) and is a coast-to-coast celebration of running. It’s a day to reflect on your love of running or make the decision to lace up and give running a try for the first time! In honor of today’s […]

It Is All About The Food

Oh yes. My prayers were answered. In two separate deliveries! Fruit galore. Chocolate covered fruit galore. A full separate box of chocolate covered apples, strawberries and bananas. I love birthdays. I love the wonderful people in my life. And I love fruit. Chocolate dipped. Or not. And the fact that I don’t need to buy my […]

June 5th

Happy Birthday to me! And a Happy National Running Day to you! I am not one to share but I feel truly blessed to share my birthday with National Running Day. How perfect of a pairing. To properly observe my birthday and this running holiday, I intend to head out for my birthday run shortly. […]

Weekend Recap

Monday already? Geez. Summer weekends go too fast. I am still on my high from Saturday’s  long run. Which by the way was more like 14 miles because I realized my GPS app was slightly off. Normally I cross train on Sunday mornings. Not yesterday. Yesterday I woke up ready to run. I ran six miles and […]

The Stars Align….

Friday sure came quick! Love the short weeks when Monday is a holiday. It went from 50 degrees last Saturday to suddenly high 90’s. Welcome to summer. Pool, beach, outdoor dining…doesn’t get better than this time of year! I can’t believe the calendar is claiming June 1st is tomorrow. Lots of fun things happening in […]