Divorce & Dunkin Donuts (TOL)

dunkin donuts coffee

I missed the season premiere of Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce on Bravo last night but I plan to catch up on that as soon as I can. The other night actually, I watched the Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce finale from season one which as usual when I watch this series, triggered one of my own divorce memories. […]

Do I have to put a bra on? (week in review)

cranberry walnut salad plus avocado

  I was beyond thrilled to have my son home from camp last week but having him home also meant the following: My house is no longer tidy for more than three minutes at a time. Each time I tried to straighten up, my son blew on through like the windstorm that he is, making a mess of everything I […]

Cake Selecting and Runtention

I am happy to report that the little boy is feeling better and well enough to go back to school today. Having him home for two days was unfortunate because he was sick but also unfortunate because I lost some ground on birthday present shopping and cake exploring by myself. I never got around to baking […]