Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Recipes

top 5 most viewed blog recipes

  I decided to take my top 5 most viewed blog recipes and put them all in one post for today! Who remembers when I used to share recipes on a regular basis? I know, me neither. These days I am lucky if I cook at all, let alone create a new recipe that requires pictures and […]

Blueberry Loaded Blueberry Muffins

blueberry muffins

  I promised you the recipe for my blueberry-loaded blueberry muffins this week and I am not one to break a promise. When I wasn’t ordering a pink frosted or chocolate-crème filled donut at Dunkin Donuts as kid, I was definitely ordering one of their outrageous chocolate chip muffins. You know, with the sugary crystals surrounding the chocolately […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Skinny Menus?

  I have a confession. Remember those Snackin’ Muffins from yesterday? Well, I kind of sort of gave one to my dad, AKA the pickiest eater alive….and purposely failed to mention that bananas were among the ingredients. He didn’t ask what was in them, which shocked me, yet I knew he would find out once he […]

Running In The Snow And Snackin’ Muffins Recipe

  The fact that it snowed all day into the evening Saturday is rather insignificant this morning. Squeezing in 12 miles  BEFORE the snow started though is worth talking about. It started flurrying around mile 5. I was not heading inside for a flurry. Look at me getting all tough. This coming from the girl […]

Only Thursday?

Is it really only Thursday? I swear I have been a day ahead once again this week. All day yesterday I thought it was Thursday. But it wasn’t. Oh well.  I guess my mind is already on the weekend. I spent some time under the giant umbrella at Lifetime yesterday afternoon with friends while trying […]