Even People Like Me Want To Sleep In Sometimes

running shoes

  I spent some time last week motivating my friend to return to the gym and her workout routine. When she made the following statement, I had to laugh out loud… “I am not like you. You like to run and it’s always great. You enjoy getting up early every day to exercise.” In some ways, […]

Get Your Chick On…With Sunblock

Some people rely on GU, sport beans, Gatorade. I rely on my chicking shirt to replenish my glycogen stores and send me flying. TRUE STORY: I couldn’t wait until Wednesday night’s 5k race to wear my new chick shirt.    Not easy to take a picture of yourself. I tried but it really didn’t work. […]

3 Way To Get Through The Day During Divorce

Wednesday already? My days are still a bit of the blur after my morning of fame on Monday. It is totally time to get back into routine and remember that I have a half marathon coming up before I know it. I wasn’t able to make it to my favorite spin class yesterday which was […]