Edible Arrangements + Recent Meals + English Muffin Pizza

edible arrangements

  So backing up a bit to last week, my pizza superstition did nothing to help the Islanders win their playoff series against Tampa Bay. It’s okay, I’m not upset. In fact, I may be the only Islanders fan not terribly upset. You see, I’m so used to them not doing well over the years […]

Recent Meals + Yummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

  It’s Wednesday already! I love three-day weekends! Although it’s technically a holiday week here in New York. Schools in New York close all week, not just for President’s Day. I don’t really notice as much anymore though since my son is a senior in high school. He doesn’t need me for his plans and […]

Birthday Dinners + Birthday Cakes (My Son’s Birthday)

birthday cake

Yesterday was my son’s birthday! 17. Who can believe that? I know I can’t. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog since he was what — nine years old?! That alone is crazy to me. But the fact that I have a son who is seventeen, driving his own car and applying to college (well […]

Eggplant Cacciatore (Recipe Challenge)

eggplant cacciatore

  My plan was to tell you that we finally found the issue with my site. But now, as I sit here with the Jet Pack plug-in disabled, nothing is better in fact things might be worse. Ugh! I am pretty sure that on your end as a reader things are okay but I apologize if […]

Life Lately in Food

chocolate cake

  I went through my phone and realized I have a ton of food pictures so today’s post will be recapping my life lately in food. The food is the important stuff anyway, right?! I felt bad going to Chopt without my son while he is away at camp since it’s his favorite place but […]

weekend sentence per picture #3

fruit flavored Dasani water

  I snacked on watermelon while food shopping at Trader Joe’s. I saw these cute cake pans in Target which made me want to make a layer cake or rainbow cookies but I didn’t buy the cake pans so I won’t be making anything. It doesn’t take much to convince me to have dinner at The […]

What I Ate On Monday!

shrimp stir fry

  It wasn’t so easy this week to decide which day to feature for today’s What I Ate Wednesday fun! After some serious thought (all of life’s problems should be this difficult) I decided to go with Monday.   Breakfast #1: The truth is, breakfast for me usually looks exactly the same, any day of the week. Although this week’s […]

WIAW – Then…And Now

  I have an interesting twist for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday fun. The other day, my friend went through his email archives and came across a survey I once completed long ago. When I say long ago, I mean September 22, 2000. I was fresh out of college, working my first job in the promotions […]