Egg Sandwich Craving & Valentine’s Day Eats


  Today I can actually talk about what I ate on a different day than a Monday! I didn’t get enough pictures of what I ate in the city Monday night so instead, we can look at what I ate on Valentine’s Day. Breakfast: The usual pre and post run oatmeal. Nothing new here at all […]

Quirky Eating Habits Or Disordered Eating?


  I think we all have some quirky eating habits (at least I do) but sometimes I wonder when quirky eating is actually disordered eating. Yesterday I mentioned that I had a major chocolate craving for m&m’s last week. I was on the phone with my dad while getting gas when it happened. He suggested that I pop into the gas station mini […]

10 Things From The Week

cookie cake

I feel like I have so much to say today! Even though I posted yesterday, that post was just about running (and Pure Barre). There’s so much more to my life than just my workouts! 1) My son had three outdoor hockey games this week. One Saturday, one Sunday and one MONDAY NIGHT. Monday nights are […]

Empty Fridge, Wild Fig & M&M’s (WIAW)

  You would think that with all of this free time on my hands since my son is away at sleep away camp that I would have my posts well written and finished in advance. Not the case right now, not the case at all. I made myself such a list of things to do […]

WIAW- President’s Day

three ingredient pancake

Half way through the week means half way through winter break. Although I am still working this week as usual from home, it’s nice not to rush in the morning because I don’t need to get my son up and out for school. We have a school art project to work on this week but other than that, […]

blizzard weekend favorites

greek salad

  This greek salad from the Premier Diner Friday night before the blizzard hit. And dipping those French fries you see (the crispest ones of course) into the dressing? Perfection. Saturday’s treadmill run was tough but coming home to my favorite post run oatmeal in a jar made it worth it. I loved being snowed […]

Thinking Out Loud September 3, 2015


  Just so you know, my son doesn’t start school until NEXT TUESDAY. I know, right? Like, every other school in America has started except for us. At least it seems that way. I shouldn’t complain though, I am not ready for the whole school routine thing and I am still working on his school supply […]

WIAW – Then…And Now

  I have an interesting twist for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday fun. The other day, my friend went through his email archives and came across a survey I once completed long ago. When I say long ago, I mean September 22, 2000. I was fresh out of college, working my first job in the promotions […]

Peanut Butter Lover’s Day!

  Today is special! Not to be confused with one of my favorite childhood shows…Today’s Special. Anyone else remember the cute little mouse named Muffy? Anyway, back to why today is special. Not only is it the first day of March, which in my world is the unofficial first day of Spring, it is also […]

Panera Bread For Lunch And Friday Links Of Interest

  So yesterday after chatting with you all about DJ, her book and being married to former hockey player Pavel Bure, I read an article about Hilary Duff and former hockey player Mike Comrie getting divorced. Maybe Hilary should read DJ’s book on marriage? Just a thought. I can’t believe it is Friday already. I […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Learning From Mistakes

  There is a very serious game of Monopoly going on in our house. So serious that we left it all set up and ready for the little boy’s next move. If I want to be totally honest, I was too tired to enforce clean up of the game last night so I said we […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Sweet Tooth

Oh boy. It is Tuesday. Spin Tuesday. I must enjoy a little bit of torture in my life to be heading back again after the grueling class last week. Hopefully today’s class seems easier. Or at least bearable. Yesterday I ran five miles in the morning before it got too hot. Since I don’t need […]