What Do You Mean You Forgot To Eat?

cake for breakfast

  I missed a meal once. It was the summer of 2003, I was probably somewhere around six months pregnant. I had a Chicken Parmesan Panini for lunch which made me so nauseous that I couldn’t bring myself to eat an afternoon snack or dinner. Can you believe it? Not even dinner! Wait – it’s slowly coming back […]

Put Away Your Measuring Cup

cold stone creamery gift card

  I try not to dwell on things but part of me will forever live in fear of hitting publish and losing most of my post again. I am damaged for blogging life I tell you. The worst part about technological mishaps is that there is rarely an explanation. Oh, you lost your post? It happens. […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Life Without The Scale Part Two

  I really shouldn’t have labeled this post as a Part Two. I mean, sequels are not usually as good as the original. Except maybe Back To The Future, Part Two. I really liked that movie. But was it better than the first? Not so sure. This post is more of a follow-up, more of my attempt […]

Three Tip Tuesday – My GapFit Pants Didn’t Fall Down!

  Catchy title for a post, yes? Well, when you run in pants that don’t fall down, it is something to get excited about. Yesterday morning was freezing. Actually it was below freezing. Quite a few degrees below freezing. I layered myself all up: Lulu tank Lulu Run Swiftly long sleeve GapFit half zip with […]