What Female Runners Should Know About Their Menstrual Cycle

what female runners should know about their menstrual cycle

    You know how much I love Laura from This Runner’s Recipes. Our friendship began when we found each other’s blogs back in 2015. Lucky for me, I was the winner of her free coaching services giveaway in December 2015 which gave me a chance to truly experience her coaching knowledge first hand! Laura created […]

Fall Race Calendar Conflict

October 2016 half marathon new york area options

  There are four fall half marathons in October that have been on my maybe I will run list for quite some time. I have been waiting until August 1st to make my decision as to which race(s) I will run but I am suddenly seeing a major conflict between my race calendar options and my menstrual cycle. I cannot plan […]

I Only Ran Three Days – Workout Recap

after run selfie

  You read that correctly. Just three days of running this week. I can’t recall the last time only three days of running took place! Let’s take a peak at the week…. *Monday*   Pure Barre Mile High & Gym Day I wasn’t feeling very runny. Is runny a term we can use to describe  running […]

Taboo Topic- Running Injuries

Are you superstitious? I am. One of my superstitions is this fear of jinxing myself when it comes to discussing certain topics out loud. You may have noticed that I shy away from a certain topic in particular…. Running Injuries   Ahhh!  I said it out loud! Time to knock on wood… Aside from my random-out-of-nowhere-still-can’t-explain-how-or […]

WIAW- Food Over Medicine

nutrient dense salad

  **The winner of the Stur Giveaway is Liz from the blog, I Heart Vegetables ** So yesterday I decided that blog posts are like coloring books. I will often select a page to color, get half way through the pretty picture, lose interest in the pattern and flip the pages to find a new […]

What I Ate Wednesday – All The Blueberries

mighty maple peanut butter and blueberries

  If you are wondering where yesterday’s post was since you didn’t receive it in your inbox, I can’t explain what happened because technology doesn’t feel the need to explain itself when it screws up. Click here for the link to yesterday’s post which talked about how to start running. I apologize on behalf of […]

Long Run, Beach Run and Podcasts


  As promised, a picture from the beach yesterday. Only difference this week is that I took the beach pictures while running. How cool does the early morning boardwalk sun look in the sky? I did a lot of running this weekend between Saturday’s long run (13.1 miles) and Sunday’s boardwalk run (7.50 miles). I have a […]

That Time I Didn’t Finish A Race

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already heard that I didn’t finish yesterday’s More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon. Let’s start from where we left off yesterday morning. My cousin Amy and I did our usual pathetic selfie shot while waiting in line for the Port O Potties. It was a bit chilly but […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Iron

  Yesterday’s treadmill run: 5 miles. Thankfully no one tried to talk to me. I kept the pace easy and stopped to stretch I think after each mile. While I wasn’t sore or stiff  from Saturday’s treadmill half marathon, I am making an attempt this week to keep things a bit light. If you recall, […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Vegetarian Diet Plateau

I was so glad and amused to hear yesterday just how many of us neglect our printers. I was starting to think I was just lazy  but as it turns out, most of us fail to replace the ink, fix paper jams or figure out why our silly printers stop functioning. Like my new Tuesday design? Look […]