Meatless Monday- Italian Style Power Bowl


  When I decide that I like something to eat, I tend to eat it over and over. Allow me to introduce you to my latest plant-based dinner obsession which is loaded with healthy complex carbs, a complete source of protein, nutrient dense veggies and most importantly, tons of satisfying flavor. Sweet potatoes, quinoa, veggies and marinara sauce = Italian Style […]

Meatless Monday Stir Fry Bowls

Meatless Monday Stir Fry

  As I started writing this post, I was thinking “brown rice” which should have translated into typing “brown rice” but instead, and why am I surprised, I type “brownies.” One-track mind people, one track. We are not scheduled to talk about brownies today but I did enjoy the most incredible brownie sundae Friday night at Andreas 25 and […]

Build Your Own Plant Based Power Bowl

build your own plant based power bowl

    Sometimes I wish I could offer you a glimpse into my meal planning but I can’t…because I don’t meal plan. I can’t decide Sunday morning what I want for dinner on Tuesday and the thought of preparing foods and having to eat them just because I planned it is really not appealing to […]

Meatless Monday – Easiest Shepherd’s Pie Ever


  Would you believe that I have ANOTHER recipe for you today? And, get this, it’s not dessert! So last week I was over-focusing on the fact that my son really doesn’t eat vegetables. And while I am aware that most children don’t love their produce, I have decided it is slightly unacceptable that my son doesn’t make […]

WIAW – Butternut Squash & Baked Ziti Recipe

whole grain butternut squash baked ziti

  You know I have zero will power around roasted vegetables. I had no business roasting an entire butternut squash all at once on Sunday. Usually I roast a serving at a time because I have been known to polish roasted vegetables off as if they are a big bag of m&m’s on an extreme craving day. […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Compromise

You are correct. Those are not my Brooks Glycerins. I haven’t given up on them completely, I just decided to try out the Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s. First on a 4 mile walk this past Sunday (with a destination of Dunkin Donuts). My friend who accompanied me on the walk was amused by my testing out of the sneakers. […]

Freedom of Meal

The schools are closed today due to poor road conditions in some areas and all of my days are beginning to blend together. Good thing Lifetime Fitness has a lovely kids club. Since it is Monday, it is technically the start of another week of routine. Another week of school, work, responsibilities, extra curricular activities […]