Thanksgiving Highlights & Next Week’s Meal Plan

Dark Chocolate Pound Plus Chocolate Bar From Trader Joe's

    When I woke up this morning absolutely STARVING, I thought back immediately to my previous Black Friday posts when I felt the same way and said the exact same thing. It’s a good thing I am not one to think twice about the amount of food I eat on Thanksgiving because trying to make […]

recent Trader Joe’s shop & next week’s dinner plan

weekly meal planning menu

  All of our dinners did not exactly go according to plan this week. But it’s okay to deviate every now and again, especially when Subway is running a buy one get one free deal. I took advantage of the deal Tuesday night which gave my son a dinner he really wanted plus an extra […]

scenes from the week & next week’s meal planning

candy bizbash

    This week flew by < – not complaining, not one bit. I was super busy this week between my son’s soccer games after school (I made it to the correct fields this time!) and I had a blast at BizBash, which is an event industry annual show in Manhattan. Although I was technically in attendance for […]

WIAW – I didn’t Have oatmeal For breakfast

peanut butter and jelly on english muffin

  Did anyone happen to catch this oatmeal deal from Whole Foods earlier this week? I am a little sorry that I didn’t get there, this might have been the cheapest thing ever sold at Whole Foods, not to mention, it’s like, my favorite food. Ironically enough though, we are about to looking at what I ate […]

Meatless Meatballs – Vegan & Grain-Free

meatless meatballs

  I really could have called these meatless meatballs three ingredient meatless meatballs  because that’s all they really need in their most basic form, aside from spices of course but who counts the spices? So what’s the three ingredients you wonder? Cannellini beans (also known as white beans), nutritional yeast and some tomato paste. Yup, that’s it. […]

Coconut Oil Is The Best Moisturizer

chobani oats

  Remember when I started using Coconut Oil for things other than cooking such as mixed with honey as a hair mask? Well that Trader Joe’s jar of Coconut Oil is now my skin’s best friend because it soothes and moisturizes like nothing else. I almost feel human again. I swear I have felt so off for so many […]

What I Ate Wednesday – Meatless Meatball Recipe!

  I am so glad that today is What I Ate Wednesday because I finally have the recipe for the meatless meatballs all ready to share with you. Before I get to the recipe though, let’s take a look at some other fun foods I have been enjoying: BREAKFAST: While I am still totally on […]

What I Ate Wednesday – Blinded By Oatmeal Love

  It’s been a while since my last What I Ate Wednesday post, hasn’t it? I am popping in quick this morning because I have to be out the door super super early for a family event in Manhattan. Remember last week when my cousin had a baby? Today is the bris. For my local […]