Bored With Food (And Everything Else)

salad and pizza

I think we can all agree that the time period since March feels like a one really long day. A real blur of time, right? I’m feeling that way with my meals too. Some days just feel so repetitive in terms of what I eat. But aren’t all of my meals always repetitive?   It’s […]

Monday’s Meals + My Go-To Travel Snacks


  Quick little look at what I ate on Monday! Of course I started this as a “quick little look” and then couldn’t stop “talking” so it’s a quick little look at actual food with lots of side conversation thrown in. 🙂 First of all, I forgot that I love this Starbucks travel coffee mug. I don’t […]

What I Ate Wednesday -Everything Is Better With Mighty Maple Peanut Butter

  During my workout yesterday morning, right after I published my Three Tip Tuesday post, I decided that running related tips really should include an asterisk followed by the following: ***Tips may not apply to every run; each run and/or workout will vary. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY*** While I was taking it slow during my first mile […]

My First What I Ate Wednesday!

*My site is still going through changes, please bear with me a bit longer! Each Wednesday I look forward to reading all of the What I Ate Wednesday posts that are a part of Peas And Crayon’s weekly link up party. If you aren’t familiar, What I Ate Wednesday is a weekly gathering of healthy living bloggers hosted […]

Weekend Recap and Mixing Up The Menu

Well hello!  I almost didn’t wake up on time for me this morning – between the sun rising later and later and my new cable box which lacks a clock on the display, I woke up in the dark and without seeing the time, assumed it was 3:00 am and went back to sleep. It was not 3:00 am. […]

Meal Imagination

It is Thursday once again and we know what that means: The newspaper arrived with my favorite store circulars completely dry on my doorstep. There is no snow outside just a stiff wind and some damp roads. I stopped listening to the forecast because I decided I don’t even understand what the meteorologists are  saying. When […]

Latest Trends…

Hi friends! It is already Wednesday, can you believe it? The week is moving along nicely. The wind is a whipping here and blowing the rain all around so I gather I will not be running outside…which is just fine. After an intense spin class yesterday with Ernie and the fabulous 6 mile run on […]

A Saturday Run and a Confession

Do you hear that? Listen close…it is the sound of silence. The little boy is at his dad’s this weekend. He was picked up last night before dinner and he will be back tomorrow night. Don’t think for one minute that I slept in. Nope. Was up bright and early to get my long run […]