Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition Will Look Different This Year!

whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes

It’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day breakfast tradition time! If you have been reading for a while, you know that my son and I have a very special Mother’s Day breakfast tradition. It’s a really big deal for us. Well, a really big deal for me. I’m not sure that my son cares […]

Mother’s Day Breakfast At Maureen’s Kitchen

maureen's kitchen breakfast

Our 9th annual Mother’s Day breakfast tradition is in the books! No joke, if you don’t arrive at Maureen’s Kitchen when they open at 7:00 AM, you are going to wait. We pulled in at 6:58 AM to see a line at the door. If you get there at 7:15, trust me when I say […]

9th Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition

maureen's kitchen baked oatmeal

  Today’s Friday Favorites post is all about my excitement for this Sunday as it’s time for our 9th annual Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition!!!! Long time readers already know that Mother’s Day has basically become my favorite day of the year — and so much of it has to do with our breakfast tradition. My son and […]

Mother’s Day Breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen (Plus Recent Eats)

baked oatmeal from Maureen's Kitchen

    Another Mother’s Day breakfast tradition in the books! You may have already seen a sneak peek of our breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen yesterday on Instagram. My son chose Maureen’s Kitchen for the third year in a row. We have learned that you must get there when they open to avoid the lines. So at 7:00 am, we […]

Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition

Maureen's Kitchen Pancakes

    Mother’s Day is Sunday and it has basically become my favorite day of the year. In case you didn’t already know from previous years here on the blog, my son and I have a very special Mother’s Day breakfast tradition. We started our early morning breakfast tradition back in 2010 which was the first […]

WIAW – Pre-Race Meals

Maureen's Kitchen Baked Oatmeal

  Although I eat a fairly high in complex carbohydrate diet on a daily basis, I still make adjustments to what I eat in preparation for races. Let’s take a look at what I ate last Friday, the day before I ran the Aspire 10k race. Even though I handle fiber extremely well and can totally run […]

weekend/mother’s day highlights

baked oatmeal

  First Friday night of the season outside at Prime. Summer is really almost here. I think Ben & Jerry’s will be my ice cream place for the summer. I am seriously contemplating ordering a different flavor every time I go which is not easy for me. Should I do it, as an ice cream experiment […]

Thinking Out Loud- Maureen’s Kitchen


How do you feel about the word coincidence? Some say there’s no such thing, that everything happens for a reason, reasons which may be higher than our ability to explain or rationalize. Sometimes I agree with this controversial theory and sometimes, things just seem coincidental. I find it oddly coincidental that my post about running and […]

Reinventing Breakfast

I could hardly wait to tell you what I ended up having for breakfast yesterday. I feel like I invented something new. If you have done this before, please just let me have my moment here and then tell me it has already been done. OK. So. I received this bag of KIND granola in my […]