Run By Time Tempo Workout

Run By Time Tempo Workout!

  As you know, MapMyRun started getting all finicky on me lately and stopped calculating my mileage anything close to accurately. I dealt with it for a few days before making the switch over to Runkeeper by running a bunch of my workouts based on time rather than the usual method of tracking distance. Quick side note: […]

Pure Barre Anniversary & Workout Recap

post run oatmeal in a jar

  A couple of things before getting to my workouts… 1) My two-year anniversary with Pure Barre was just a few days ago! I realized it when I came across this post, Why I Signed Up For Pure Barre, which I actually wrote on July 24, 2014, exactly two years ago today. I wrote that […]

I found a fall half marathon & workout recap

workout recap

On Tuesday I told you about my fall race calendar conflict. Well, Gianna left me a comment on that post to tell me about the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half & 10K on November 12th which means I may have found a half to run! Does it ever happen to you when you are searching for races […]

best time for me to eat before a run & workout recap

workout recap

  3 things  before getting to my workouts from the week: 1) Recovery after a stomach virus is real. Although I wasn’t even actively sick for that long, not eating normally followed by then dealing my time of the month has left me more tired than usual which means taking extra time to get back to feeling 100% when running. […]

Thinking Out Loud 3.3.16

Friendly's Crowd Pleaser-Sundae

  A lululemon outlet store opened here on Long Island and I still haven’t gone to check it out. Sarah told me about the opening weeks ago so what is taking me so long, I am not sure. Remember how I used to go to Friendly’s every so often for the 12-scoop Crowd Pleaser sundae? Well we […]

Running Worries Out Loud

adidas energy boosts

  Do you know about or utilize the website Athlinks to keep track of all of your races? I can’t recall when I first learned about this website but once I found out that such a site existed, it was pretty cool to claim my name and see all of my races and associated finish times listed.   I […]

Workouts From The Week 8/31-9/6

9 miles

  Before we talk running and workouts, I need to tell you what someone asked google the other day which led them to my blog: Can we skip straight to dessert? Yes, yes you can. Go right ahead. Would you like a cookie? I made another batch of chocolate chip just the other day. So […]

Runner’s World Hat Trick Recap

Runner's World Hat Trick

  The winner of the #NYTough P & G Product Giveaway is Amy Laforte! Congrats Amy and thank you to everyone for entering! Recap time! As tired as I was Saturday night after running the 5k and 10k, I made it a point to take out my computer and start jotting down some thoughts from […]

Running Without Tracking Mileage And Pace

  Instead of starting today’s post with a beach shot from yesterday, I decided this picture is a summer-must-share instead: The Hampton Jitney. In case you were curious, it really does exist. It really does transport city folk out to the Hamptons. Just like on Sex and the City. After last week’s discussion of relating life to […]

Weekend Running Realizations

post run breakfast

  It’s Monday which means the first picture of the week will look like this: I didn’t have enough time over the weekend to lounge at the beach but I did squeeze in a seven mile boardwalk run Sunday morning. Speaking of Sunday, hope you had a Happy Father’s Day. Of course I brought my post-run breakfast to the beach […]

Love Your Muscles

  I am not one to focus on numbers but this really bothered me yesterday. See that 5.88 miles? It is missing a .12. I went for an easy-paced outdoor run yesterday morning. The easy-pace part wasn’t the issue. The issue was my iPhone randomly shutting off as if it were dead towards the end of my run leaving me […]