Friday Favorites (Target Finds + J.Crew Sales + Beads)

bead bracelets

I live for the memes circulating social media right now including this little funny below. I mean, there’s nothing funny about what’s going on here in my area (or anywhere in the world) right now, but you gotta try to find something to make you laugh. In other news, I’m happy to announce that I […]

Thinking Out Loud 12.17.15

Panera Bread salad

  I apologize on behalf of technology if you had any issues logging into my site yesterday morning. Things were only down for about an hour or so but you better believe I was struggling to remain calm for those 60 minutes. Have I mentioned I hate computers and tech type things? I don’t speak […]

Thinking Out Loud – August 20, 2015

red rooster food

  I don’t really know about this flavor combination. I was always a pickle fan, the more sour the better, but I never cared for the dill. Pickles mixed with popcorn? I just don’t know about this. They were giving out samples in Trader Joe’s earlier this week. My son was all about trying it and said it was terrific […]

Completely Random Thoughts Coming Your Way…

meaghan and me

    1. I do not like Gap workout apparel, mainly because the material (especially in the long-sleeve tops) holds a smell. Not a sweaty smell, not a detergent smell, just some sort of smell. I can’t even call it a bad smell. It’s just a smell that I don’t want in my clothes. I don’t like it. […]

The Friday Report

Finally Friday! I don’t know why, but I really felt like this week took forever. Besides today being Friday, there are few exciting things I have to report: The Hershey Park Half Marathon is officially on my race calendar! I finally registered yesterday after opening the page several times in the last few weeks only […]