Workout Recap 11/9 – 11/15

Red Mango Parfait

  For like half a second yesterday morning, as I was stepping outside for my long run, I was slightly afraid. It was that same feeling that used to keep me from leaving the house in the early morning to go the gym in the days that followed September 11, 2001. Watching the terrible news […]

Sick Days And Waffle Ice Cream Sundaes

panera coffee

  The only thing worse than having a food allergy rash reaction thing for days which prevents you from sleeping is when your son wakes up super early on the Monday morning of a camp day throwing up. Thankfully he wasn’t sick since he felt fine afterwards but it was enough to keep him home from camp […]

A Mile In My Shoes

It’s fun sometimes for me to look back at old blog posts to read what I was doing and saying a year ago. Like a year ago today I recapped the walk to Fire Island. The onion rings were totally worth the walk to Surf’s Out on Fire Island. Possibly the best onion rings ever in my life. […]

Escaping for Good Food

I realized this morning that I haven’t mentioned my workouts much this week. I know I had planned on taking it easy on the running front – I forgot to tell you that I can get a little bit stubborn at times when it comes to running. Aside from Monday’s 4.25 mile run, I also ran 5 miles […]

Handbag Hunt

I can’t recall the last Memorial Day Weekend that consisted of rain, wind and winter clothes. The temperature yesterday was in the low 50’s with a raw wind and pouring rain throughout the day. The Little League All-Star game was canceled as was my outdoor long run. I ended up running an amazing 13 miles […]