Ask A Running Coach Q & A

ask a running coach Q & A

  I ALWAYS seem to have random questions to ask a running coach. Thankfully, I have Laura who is always so happy to answer any of my questions with explanations that always make sense. Last week I asked Laura to take two of my most recent running questions and expand the answers into a post that I […]

Thought Per Picture (August 2017)

dark chocolate covered strawberries

    Starting the week off with a thought per picture! My son was in Toronto last week with his teen tour. He was kind enough to send me a picture from Niagara Falls. I remember doing the Maid of the Mist attraction thing at Niagara Falls when I was his age! I was craving […]

Tempo, Treadmill Hill & Progression Runs! (Summer Training #3)

workout recap running pure barre

  I can’t believe that my third week of training with Laura is now complete. The miles are flying by and I am LOVING every single workout she throws in my direction. This week definitely involved more challenging workouts. I had a tempo run, treadmill hill workout and a last-minute progression run on the treadmill added […]

Summer Training Plan Week #1

workout recap running pure barre

  This was my the first week of my summer training with Laura. I’m not training for a race just yet, she’s just giving me a month of workouts that mix up my mileage and rejuvenate my routine in preparation for maybe a Fall half marathon. I believe I ran 41 miles and I never […]

Running & Pure Barre Workout Recap

workout recap

  Just a few things worth mentioning before getting to my running & Pure Barre workout recap: 1 – I am suddenly feeling much stronger when holding planks. I don’t know when or what happened but all of a sudden, I can hold my planks during Pure Barre with more strength than ever before! Of course I still […]

Solid Week Of Running, Fall Half Marathon & Pure Barre

workout recap

  What a solid week of running I had! Wow. I can’t help but keep saying how I feel so much more like myself out there lately. Sometimes I don’t think we realize how not like ourselves we feel until we realize we feel like ourselves again. Does that make sense? I think that the […]

running & workout recap (2.13.17 – 2.19.17)

running shoes

  Overall I would call this a great week of running and workouts. A few things to note: I started each morning again this week with about 10-15 minutes of pre-run yoga. It definitely makes a difference to loosen up and stretch so I am really trying to make this a permanent habit just like the […]

Soreness, Hip Pain & Why Did He Make Waffles


  As I put together this week’s workout recap, I am not really sure where to begin. Even though I update each day’s workout as they happen in order for this post to be accurate, I think this week needs some additional explaining. Let’s see. First, I ended up running 5 miles last SUNDAY which is […]

Don’t Mess With My Running Routine (workout recap)

a look at my week in workouts including running and pure barre

We runners all have our routines. My weekday runs are one thing as the mornings can be a bit rushed but my long run day? Don’t mess with that routine. Now, I am totally fine if I have to switch my long run day or even adjust my distance but the routine part of my long […]

What To Eat The Night Before A Long Run

What to eat the night before a long run

Laura and I spent a lot of time trying to find a recipe we wanted to make this week. We have plenty of recipes on our list but we are both training for races at the moment which affects what we want to put in our stomachs since what we eat can directly affect performance. […]

Like Clockwork (workout recap)

running shoes

  I didn’t post on Friday and actually stayed in bed a little longer than I usually do which put the rest of my morning routine, including my run, slightly behind schedule too. How ironic then when a guy in my neighborhood on his way to work hollered the following out of his car window when he […]

extra miles, treadmill time and a heat wave! (workout recap)

running path

  My week started with this need to run a few more miles than my normal routine. I needed the extra time outside in the quiet of the morning without being bothered by the world. Somehow running allows me to sort through the tasks ahead of me for the day along with helping me to figure out […]