LI Half Marathon Training Week #1

water fountains

So technically this week was my first week of training for the Long Island half marathon. If I am being completely honest with myself and with you, I don’t really know that I 100% feel like training to run a half marathon. I keep going back and forth on the subject. It’s not that I don’t […]

It’s Okay To Not Sign Up For A Race

nyc marathon

    The registration lottery for the 2017 New York City Marathon begins today. Last year I did enter the lottery although I really don’t know what I was thinking. Did I really think that I wanted to run the marathon? As of now, I do not plan to enter the registration lottery for this year. Most people […]

Long Island Half Marathon Recap 2016

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  I did it! I did it! I did it!! I ran my 9th half marathon yesterday and earned myself a new PR. I am so proud of myself. Let’s talk about it! Pre-Race Stuff: I planned to leave my house at 6:30 am. I got out of bed around 4:30 am just to give […]

Race Day!! LI Half Marathon Training Week #8


It’s LI Half Marathon day! Let’s pretend to be all cheery and excited about the possibility of rain throughout the race. How the forecast went from a sunshine pretty second half to the weekend to OMG stay indoors it’s going to be a rainy day I don’t know but, really, when are weather forecasts ever that accurate? Anyway. It’s much better […]

Long Island Half Marathon: Over The Years

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  Sunday will be my fourth year in a row running the Long Island Marathon. I know I have told you this over and over but when I really stop to think about this being my fourth year in a row, I can’t help but think about each half marathon of the year’s past. Not just […]

Long Island Half Marathon Training Week #5

Long Island Half Marathon Training week #5

  Remember the other day when I was saying how there are little hilly portions of road in the Long Island half marathon course that you may hardly notice when you drive but will remember after running them on foot? I drove that part of the course on Friday and I was able to get […]

Thinking Out Loud 4.7.16

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  I think it’s great that Amanda (our weekly Thinking Out Loud host) has been enjoying herself in Hawaii but if you want my opinion, it’s time for her to come home already. My days are not the same without talking to her all day long! Saturday night following the 10k race, I had to […]

Long Island Half Marathon Training Week #3

long island half marathon training week 3

Happy Easter 🙂 Another great week of workouts! Time is just flying by and I can hardly believe that this week completed my third week of training with Laura for the Long Island Half Marathon. May 1st will be here before I know it which is just crazy! I remember running last year’s half like […]

Long Island Half Marathon Training Recap Week #2

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I want to say happy first day of Spring but since we are expecting some sort of snowstorm in New York, I am not so sure that today is truly the first day of Spring. At least not here. I am trying not to dwell on needing to shovel or the fact that I will have to run on […]

Long Island Half Marathon Training Week #1

long island half marathon training week #1

  Laura and I were really smart about planning the race I would train for using the free coaching services I won from her blog giveaway. Since we both knew that getting accepted into the New York City Marathon via the lottery was a slim chance, we focused more on our Plan B: The Long Island […]

I’ve Been Waiting For Today

  Today is March 8th. Today is the day of the New York City Marathon lottery drawing which determines entry into the 2016 New York City Marathon should you have applied for the chance at entry via the lottery. I applied. In January. When the entry period opened. Uh huh. I always said I would never […]

2015 Long Island Half Marathon Recap

LI Half Race Medal

  1:51:20. One hour, fifty-one minutes and twenty seconds. Not exactly the finish time I envisioned when I registered and not the finish time I thought about at the start of taper week but I guess I am lucky I was able to run at all after being sick. Let’s talk about it, shall we? I finished. […]