Summer Running Weekly Workout Recap


Ah, I love the summer. I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. I spent most of my time at the beach, outside, and enjoying my workouts. As I say often, summer is my running season. My interest in running is up. My mileage is up, my distance per run is going up, and my […]

20 Mile Week (weekly workout recap)


I hit 20 miles for the week which is a lot of running for me these days but in line with what many weeks this summer could and should look like. Four runs, two back to back, one on the boardwalk — a really good running week! Last Week’s Workouts Monday – 5 Miles Tuesday […]

Running Every Other Day (weekly workout recap)

beach run

With the long holiday weekend last week, I had included Monday’s workout in last week’s workout recap. As to not confuse anyone though, I’ll pop it back in today’s post as well. I don’t have a ton of additional details to share about my workouts other than saying that I like running every other day. […]

Summer Running Weekly Workout Recap

Long Beach boardwalk

  It’s hot, it’s humid — it’s summer in New York. As I said last week, I’m enjoying the early morning running weather even though it’s hot. Yesterday’s boardwalk run was most certainly hot and sunny but still really great. Can’t beat the views…and people watching. It’s nice to see people again. I should really […]

Long Beach City Manager’s Race To Remember 10 Mile Race Recap (2019)

Long Beach

  Time to recap Sunday’s 10-mile race! Pre-Race Morning: Thankfully I get out of bed easier in the spring and summer than I do in the winter because I wanted to be awake a little before 5:00 am so I wouldn’t have to rush my coffee/water/oatmeal before leaving for the race. I need time to […]

10 Mile Race Today! (plus weekly workout recap)


Yup, I’m running a 10-mile race today! I was going to mention it on Friday but I hadn’t registered yet so I figured I would wait until I was 100% sure before saying anything. I’m running the Long Beach City Manager’s Race To Remember 10 Mile Race in Long Beach for the third time! Here […]

5 Weekend Things + Road Trip

long beach boardwalk

  Hi! I have a quick 5 weekend things worth sharing on this summer Monday morning! #1  – I was in Target Saturday morning when a man approached me in the shampoo aisle to ask if I would like to have lunch with him. Um, NO THANK YOU. Did he think I was going to say, Oh yes! […]

Long Beach City Manager’s 10 Mile Race Recap 2017

race start line

  It’s Tuesday already! Doesn’t that feel nice? Let’s talk about Sunday’s 10 mile race. I ran the City Manager’s 10 Mile Race To Remember in Long Beach, NY. This was my second time running this race and second time I will recap it saying it was hot! Pre-Race: The race was set to start […]

10 Mile Race on Sunday!


  Well, I am about to run my first race in almost a year this Sunday! I’m pretty excited about it which is a great feeling. You know I don’t race often so having this excited race feeling is making it really fun for me! Although I did not train specifically for the City Manager’s 10 mile race, […]

Memorial Day Weekend Sentence Per Picture

ice cream sundae in a helmet

  When you stop for ice cream at Marvel the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend and realize it’s still light enough to take an outdoor picture, you know that summer has arrived even though the calendar says technically not yet. And no, it’s not a typo – I totally meant Marvel, not Carvel! Marvel has been in business […]