Last Week’s Workouts (including yesterday’s beach run)

Long Beach boardwalk

It’s Tuesday! I held off a day on sharing my workouts from last week in order to include yesterday’s workout in the recap. Since it was a long holiday weekend, I figured that yesterday’s run at the beach could still count as part of last week’s workouts. After a week that went from heatwave to […]

Rain Jackets For Running + Weekly Workout Recap

boardwalk run

Before we jump into my workouts from the week, let’s chat really quickly about rain jackets for running. Recently I decided that I need a new rain jacket for running. I don’t mind running in the rain! Misty rain is actually pleasant for running (in my opinion) although I prefer it starts while I’m already […]

Thinking Ahead To Winter Running (plus weekly workout recap)


While I’m in the midst of enjoying my favorite season for running, I’m also thinking ahead to winter running. Even though I’m totally someone who lives in the present and really knows how to NOT to overthink things before they even might happen, I am giving thought to what winter running may look like this […]

first boardwalk run of season & workout recap

long beach boardwalk

  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I took my long run down to the Long Beach boardwalk yesterday morning, leaving you wondering what the heck happened to the 10 mile race I said I would be running today. I made the decision to not run the 10 mile race this […]

Week in Workouts 9/7 – 9/13

long beach boardwalk

  It’s been a fun and busy weekend which caps off a hectic blur of a week <- the start of the school year and finding the groove to our new routine gets me every time. When I sat down to finish up this post and saw last Monday’s workout, I barely remembered doing it. Good thing I take note of each day’s […]

Unofficial Start Of Summer With A Race

  Imagine my excitement after yesterday’s post to see Chocolate Covered Katie shared her Healthy Makeover recipe for Entenmann’s Chocolate-Covered Mini Donuts. I know we were talking about Entenmann’s cookies but still, to see an Entenmann’s healthy makeover recipe left me wanting to call all of you immediately to talk about it. Here’s the link to the recipe. The […]