Recent Meals Including Salads and Pizza (of course)


  Figured I would highlight a few recent meals today! Let’s start with my salad at Chopt. Pretty typical combination for me: Romaine Spinach Quinoa Avocado Spicy Peppers Beets Roasted Brussels Sprouts Lemon Tahini I had lunch at The Little Beet while shopping at the mall. My usual choice of the veggie plate, with the following […]

Islanders in Brooklyn, Savory Salads & Apple Crisp


  So Friday night, through the rain via train (we even did the change at Jamaica) we went to see our Islanders play their first ever opening night game in Brooklyn. This season is going to be an adjustment and let’s just leave it at that before I go off on a long-winded ranting tirade. What I will say […]