Busy Weekend & Good Food

lisa and me

  It feels like my son has some sort of flexible school schedule because it seems as though he is off every few days! Last week he was off from school for Election Day and Veteran’s Day, this week will be a full week of school before next week is a short week for Thanksgiving. How […]

Lunch With Lisa!

Lisa and me

  You guys left the sweetest most thoughtful comments on yesterday’s post! I am still working on responding but wanted to thank you for sharing how you started your blog as well as for the nice things you had to say about mine. 🙂 I am also still waiting for my plug-in’s to be reactivated over here. […]

Labor Day Weekend Stuff


  I hope you are busy enjoying the long Labor Day weekend! Just popping in with some scenes for the weekend so far 🙂 It’s always a pleasure dining at my friend Lisa’s house because she is a guaranteed good food time, especially since she is a vegetarian which means her barbeques will always involve […]

WIAW- Sunday’s Eats


  If you knew about the new Trident Layers Swedish Fish gum and didn’t tell me, I am re-evaluating our friendship. Is there some sort of candy competition taking place in the gum industry lately? They need to come out with Reeses Peanut Butter Cup gum next. Or Three Muskateers. Or Snickers. Like, someone needs […]