Workout Updates: Joining The Gym? + lululemon Finds


I have some workout updates for today! Last Week’s Workouts Last week was the second (or third?) week in a row that I didn’t write my daily workouts down to share them in detail on the blog. It definitely feels weird but nice at the same time! Sometimes we just need a change to routine, […]

Where I’m At Right Now (weekly workout recap)

Melissa wood health

Well, I thought I would have run more last week than I did. But I didn’t. I don’t even have much of a reason as to why I didn’t run very much other than — I don’t think I felt like it? Ideally, my weekday runs would hover around five miles each. I just couldn’t […]

Workouts From Last Week (beach run + Lifetime workouts are back)

Long Beach boardwalk run

  I’m happy to report that not only were my workouts super great last week, my son rejoined Lifetime. Why is this important to mention as part of my workouts? Well, he’s happy (which makes me happy) to be going again to enjoy all Lifetime has to offer (such a great place), I now have […]

Enjoyable Workouts + Update on Pure Barre GO Issues

SOL yoga

My workouts lately have been so enjoyable and I think this is largely due to two factors. First, the weather. It’s warming up and the sun shines earlier which always makes me more eager to get up and start moving. And the second factor, and I think this plays a large role here, is my […]

Workouts From Week + Where Are You Walking?

Windsor Castle

  Hi! How are we doing? I hope you are able to get outside for your runs and walks each day. Fresh air makes all the difference, now more than ever before if you ask me. A few quick notes before getting to my workout recap from last week: I ran what I think is […]

Fun With Virtual workouts + 10 Mile Run (weekly workout recap)

sidewalk chalk message

A few notes before recapping my week in workouts: I’m thoroughly enjoying access to the Lifetime virtual workouts. While I didn’t need to make changes to my workout routine during the pandemic, it’s been so much fun and definitely refreshing to switch things up. I’m loving the options and even the soreness that comes with different workout […]

I Meant To Take That Barre Class + Week In Workouts

pure barre from home

  I held off on sharing my week in workouts post because I REALLY thought I was going to finally use my guest pass for Lifetime yesterday morning. REALLY I DID. I’m going to take a Life Barre class Sunday morning! Who cares about the time change? I can totally make an 8:30 am barre […]

Thinking Out Loud February 22, 2018

In Style Magazine

    I haven’t stepped into Lululemon in a long time. Am I missing anything? I also haven’t stepping into Lifetime to use the guest pass they issued me with my son’s recent membership. While I do appreciate that they gave me the free pass, right now I really just prefer that I take him […]

Coffee Mugs + Registeries + Lifetime Fitness?! (TOL)

Lifetime Athletic

  No joke, is it Friday yet? I’ve been asking this question all week. I’m ready for Friday. Remember I mentioned wanting to sort through all of my old coffee mugs?  Well, I finally tore through that cabinet, removing all coffee mugs that had a slight chip or stain on the inside. I got rid […]

What do you do With Your Apple Peels & Lots of Recipe Links

apple crumb coffee cake

  If you know me, you know that a 9:45 am spin class is super late for me to work out. I had two breakfasts, baked an apple crumb coffee cake and consumed three cups of coffee prior to getting myself to Lifetime and on a spin bike. I made the apple crumb coffee cake for my […]

Weekly Workout Recap 11/17/2014-11/23/14


  Good morning! I love the process of putting together these workout recaps each week because it helps me to grasp an overall picture of what it is I do considering I have never followed any sort of structured fitness schedule. It’s becoming clear (in case you haven’t noticed) that I am really enjoying the barre routines, both […]