Variety of Workouts (weekly workout recap)

fall running

  I didn’t run very much last week but I’ve learned that not running doesn’t mean not having good workouts. It’s still a little weird to me to like other types of workouts and even choose them instead of running.. Of course, I do still look at the weather forecast to check which days are […]

Weekly Workouts (Hurricane? + Beach Run + Melissa Wood Health)

Long Beach

A few things to note before getting to my workouts from last week! – I always look at my workout week from Monday – Sunday. However, it’s interesting to adjust that thinking and sometimes look at my workouts over a different seven-day period. For example, if I were to look at last week as Saturday […]

Week in Workouts (less running + lots of yoga – who am I?!)

pro compression

  I’ll just keep reminding everyone (including myself) that I’m so very thankful that I learned to like running less over the last few years and be more than okay with other types of workouts because the weather right now is not exactly outdoor runner-friendly on a consistent basis. At least not for this outdoor […]

Routines Should Be Flexible (weekly workout recap)

glitter sandals

Routines should be flexible. Do you understand what I mean? I can explain. I’m super routine with my workouts in that they will always happen but I’m also really flexible about it. Sometimes I think people associate routine (and people who are really routine) with being rigid and that’s just not always the case. A […]

It’s Good To Do Something Different (workout recap)

life barre

It’s good to do something different, just like the title of this post states. I mentioned in Friday’s Favorites post that my mood for running really sits on a very fine line. While I don’t remember always feeling this fickle about running (like back when I ran a lot more than now), I definitely became […]