Time To Think Out Loud


  I am so happy that today is Thursday because I have A TON of random things to share with you this morning! The other day when I had the maintenance crew from my community at my house to fix my closet door (don’t even ask) they let me know that I am known as the Energizer Bunny […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Customer Service

I had a totally different post written for today but since I am in a ranting mood, please bear with me…. Instead of three tips on this Tuesday, you get to hear about the poor customer service I have received from three separate companies in the last month. In case you were curious, I graduated from […]

The Lifetime Experience

So guess what? I actually went to Lifetime yesterday like I said I would. I started on this elliptical-arc trainer type thing – the one that lets you go in multiple directions and positions. I love the variety that it offers, especially being able to do the motions in the squat position but I only lasted 10 […]

Happy Meals

I have big plans for this last day of July. That’s right. I intend to bless Lifetime Fitness with my presence this morning. I decided I might as well live it up on this July 31st because as of tomorrow, August 1st, my membership is officially frozen. I may take a spin class or a kickboxing class […]

Fall-Like Friday

Don’t let this sky fool you. Yesterday morning I awoke to fall like running weather. It may look dark and dreary but all I noticed was the cool, crisp air. It was glorious. It was quite a pleasure to run 4.50 miles outside and not sweat…and the best part – no sweat meant no messing […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Waffle Iron Recipes

Spin Tuesday it is not, at least not for me. I once again can’t get to Lifetime which leaves me only with the option to spin next Tuesday before my membership is frozen August 1st. I am not all that upset about missing spin though. I am more than happy to run instead. I ran 5 miles yesterday […]

Sunday Check-In

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I just wanted to pop in and say hello. The weather here in New York has been quite fickle with a mix of clouds, brief sunshine and random downpours since Friday. I woke up Saturday morning to a dreary, icky sky. Thankfully the overnight downpours stopped when it […]

Value of the Dollar

I never made it to spin yesterday (as I assumed I wouldn’t) but I did have time for a quick visit with the elliptical machine followed by some strength training for my legs. I am trying my best to work those strength training sessions in to my routine. And I must have done a decent job […]

Three Question Tuesday

We may have  to rename Spin Tuesday just plain Tuesday again. I don’t think I will be able to make it this morning to my favorite  9:45 am class, making it two weeks in a row that I will miss Spin Tuesday. Oh well. I prefer to workout early in the morning anyway. And really, I prefer […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Playlist

Rise and shine friends! OK my early morning perkiness today is totally an act. I am extremely tired and had major trouble getting out of bed today which is so not like me. Thank goodness for coffee. Speaking of coffee, has anyone ordered from the Starbucks secret menu yet? I haven’t, but I did order […]

Weekend Recap

Admit you spent the last weekend in June wondering if I was still on my running hot streak. Well friends, my hot streak ended after Saturday’s run. Let me explain. I ran a quick and easy 3.50 miles Friday morning to keep myself loose for Saturday’s early morning long run. I had a crazy busy weekend on tap that […]


Happy Friday friends! I know you are all curious to see if I ran again yesterday. I sure did. Another 4.50 miles. Now remember, I do normally run quite often, it is just that since last Saturday, my runs are occurring as if I had not run the day before – completely free of any […]