Thinking Out Loud 6/11/15

dunkin donuts chips ahoy iced coffee

  Have I told you about my struggles (more like battles) with the boxes of plastic wrap? I just can’t do it correctly. Somehow the plastic wrap always seems to go from tearing off neatly to peeling apart in small little pieces, sticking together and then suddenly, without warning, I lose the spot on the roll where it tears off and it […]

Thinking Out Loud – Random Thoughts And Rainbow Cookies

  Amanda, our Thinking Out Loud link-up host, is currently on a beautiful beach somewhere in Hawaii soaking up the sunshine. While I miss her terribly, she deserves this trip after a grueling winter in Edmonton where the temperatures have been far worse than any Polar Vortex a New Yorker like me can complain about. 1. […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Organization

Good morning Spin Tuesday! Ok, so I am not all that excited for a grueling hour of intense spinning but I am slightly looking forward to checking out the new spin bikes. I hate to report that I have not had the chance to get to Lifetime to test out those new treadmills. I know that so many of […]