Recent Meals: Latkes + Salads + Pizza + Best Dinner

town bagel salad

First things first. Latkes. With applesauce. We ended up not eating the latkes from Trader Joe’s (they are still in the freezer) because we picked up these latkes from Stew Leonard’s. SO GOOD. I walked into La Piazza unsure of which type of pizza I was going to select but quickly went classic with a […]

Recent Eats: Roasted Brussels Sprouts + Pizza + Best Latkes

whole wheat vegetable pizza

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been back to roasting brussels sprouts at home. Roasted brussels sprouts were always a favorite of mine but then my stomach became more sensitive to them. I think because I stopped eating them as often so when I did, it was harder to digest because my body wasn’t as used to eating […]

Workouts + Islanders Are Home + Latkes!


I was going to share my workouts per usual yesterday morning BUT I slept late and hadn’t scheduled the post. You didn’t miss much though — it was a pretty blah workout week since I was sort of sick with a sore throat followed by a cold. I didn’t run much and probably won’t run […]

First Night Of Hanukkah + Lots Of Latkes


  Hanukkah was always my most favorite holiday as a kid. Of course it was, it meant eight nights of presents! Ahhhh. Just the smell of a burning candle at any point in the year would make me think of lighting the menorah and then waiting patiently to receive my present of the night. I […]

Sweet Potato Latkes {Grain-Free & Paleo}

sweet potato latkes grain free and paleo

  I had the best of intentions yesterday morning for making a large batch of sweet potato latkes (potato pancakes) for the first night of Hanukkah. I peeled THREE POUNDS  of sweet potatoes and then got down to business with the grating process before quickly realizing I wasn’t really in the mood to cook. At all. In fact, the chaos on […]

Latke Time & Next Week’s Meal Plan

what's for dinner weekly meal plan 12.7.15 - 12.13.15

  Um, was anyone going to tell me that the first night of Hanukkah is this Sunday night? I was not aware of this until a few days ago (I thought it was starting next Sunday!) so aside from revising my dinner plan for this Sunday to now be all about Hanukkah foods, it’s time to […]

WIAW – Whole Foods and Hanukkah

potato latkes

  Before we get to last night’s Hanukkah dinner, I have a few random foodie things to discuss. We went to Whole Foods the other day and I was really excited to get both Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt and Organic Pink Lady apples on sale. In my opinion, Stonyfield Organic makes the best greek yogurt, […]

Boston Strong And Passover Recipes

I took a look back this morning at my post from April 16, 2013, written a day after the Boston Marathon bombings. I was in shock as the rest of the world was, unable to fathom such a tragedy, especially a tragedy so closely related to what I do every day. As you pause to remember those that lost their […]

Happy Thanksgivukkah – Sweet Potato Latkes Recipe Time!

  Good morning friends! Happy Thanksgivukkah! Every year on Thanksgiving I like to reflect on the little boy’s first Turkey Day by looking at one specific photo: Yes, that would be my baby set inside the broil foil pan that was to hold the mashed potatoes. While he is certainly too big now to fit in a pan, […]

Three Tip Tuesday – My GapFit Pants Didn’t Fall Down!

  Catchy title for a post, yes? Well, when you run in pants that don’t fall down, it is something to get excited about. Yesterday morning was freezing. Actually it was below freezing. Quite a few degrees below freezing. I layered myself all up: Lulu tank Lulu Run Swiftly long sleeve GapFit half zip with […]

Running Observations And Quinoa Flakes Breading Recipes

Oh hi! Over the weekend I realized some things and thought I would share them with you this morning: Observation #1: I like to run in the rain. Weird? Yes, I think so. At least for me. I mean, when would I ever want to spend time in the rain? Never. Except while running. As […]