Grain Free Skillet Potato Lasagna

cast iron skillet potato lasagna

  If you are wondering what I did yesterday after a short morning run, I was in my kitchen making this really easy grain free skillet potato lasagna. I cooked up this savory recipe in the morning on purpose so that I wouldn’t sample it as I made it because normally at 10:00 am, the last thing I want to eat is something from my cast […]

Recent Eats


  A traditional What I Ate Wednesday post just isn’t going to work today. I have too many meals that I want to show you so instead, let’s just take a look at some recent eats from the last bunch of days… Breakfasts: Oatmeal = breakfast. It just does. Early morning oatmeal before getting ready […]

recent Trader Joe’s shop & next week’s dinner plan

weekly meal planning menu

  All of our dinners did not exactly go according to plan this week. But it’s okay to deviate every now and again, especially when Subway is running a buy one get one free deal. I took advantage of the deal Tuesday night which gave my son a dinner he really wanted plus an extra […]