Labor Day Weekend Stuff


  I hope you are busy enjoying the long Labor Day weekend! Just popping in with some scenes for the weekend so far 🙂 It’s always a pleasure dining at my friend Lisa’s house because she is a guaranteed good food time, especially since she is a vegetarian which means her barbeques will always involve […]

I Ran A Great Race But Not Ready For Summer To End


  I didn’t get a trophy this year but I must say, I was really pleased with the race so let’s discuss…. I got real lucky that it didn’t rain during the race. I say lucky because the drizzling on my windshield as I drove to the race suddenly reminded me that I completely forgot to bring […]

Run Like Someone Is Chasing You

cold stone creamery sundae

  I have finally matured enough to be able to see the bright side to an almost-sad ice cream situation. Normally when Cold Stone Creamery is out of my favorite chocolate-dipped waffle bowls, I complain, huff and then puff, complain again and then storm out. Saturday night however, I realized that no waffle bowl meant no chance […]

Peach Salsa Guacamole

peach salsa guacamole

  I almost feel bad calling this a recipe. It’s more of a short cut than a recipe but whatever we want to call it, it is delicious, healthy and most importantly, appears really creative with very little effort or ingredients. Let’s not discuss that it is already Labor Day weekend. I don’t even understand […]

The Best of Summer

My friends who follow my blog often tell me that when they read my posts, they can actually hear me talking. However, my key phrases which I am known to say everyday are missing from all posts: “Uh huh” “This is not OK” “I don’t even understand” I realized this morning that all three of my […]