Edible Arrangements + Recent Meals + English Muffin Pizza

edible arrangements

  So backing up a bit to last week, my pizza superstition did nothing to help the Islanders win their playoff series against Tampa Bay. It’s okay, I’m not upset. In fact, I may be the only Islanders fan not terribly upset. You see, I’m so used to them not doing well over the years […]

Recent Meals Including Salads and Pizza (of course)


  Figured I would highlight a few recent meals today! Let’s start with my salad at Chopt. Pretty typical combination for me: Romaine Spinach Quinoa Avocado Spicy Peppers Beets Roasted Brussels Sprouts Lemon Tahini I had lunch at The Little Beet while shopping at the mall. My usual choice of the veggie plate, with the following […]