The Little Beet + Kombucha + Recent Meals

the little beet

I love that it is Wednesday already! The best part of having Monday off is how quickly the rest of the week starts to pass. Okay so first, we need to get back to the Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips discussion. I still think the chocolate chips taste different in the new bag. The new […]

running nightmare, looking back, elliptical workout (TOL)

synergy kombucha

I had a running dream the other night, actually, it was more like a running nightmare. I was about to run a half marathon when I realized at the race starting line that I forgot to bring my Hammer Gels AND also forgot my headphones. At first I panicked but then said this to myself in my dream: You forgot […]

All Sorts Of Random

pbj english muffin

    I have selfish reasons for making peanut butter and jelly english muffins for other people: 1) It’s bonus time with an open jar of peanut butter 2) I like to lick the pb&j remnants from the knife after spreading them both on the muffin. Remember when I agreed to allow my son the freedom to select […]