Dirty Taco + Chocolate Covered Apples + Other Recent Meals

kilwins chocolate apples

Jumping right into recent meals and what I’ve been eating! I had dinner at Dirty Taco over the weekend! I always order the same thing at Dirty Taco because I’m totally boring. But, I also know what I like so why deviate from the plan? It’s important to always start with guacamole. Followed by the […]

TOL – Chocolate Covered Apples, Taper & New Shoes

chocolate caramel apple

  I had this amazingly chocolatey chocolate covered apple the other night. It was so delicious that I think it’s on my list of best chocolate-covered apples ever. Why I loved it: It had a super thick coating of good tasting chocolate. The chocolate sprinkles were a really nice addition in flavor and texture. There was […]

Scenes From The Weekend

chocolate caramel apple

  The Tofu Buff Bowl at Noodles & Co. A chocolate caramel apple from Kilwin’s is as good, if not better, than the chocolate covered apples from Disney World. When there’s so much good chocolate to go around, you don’t limit yourself to just one dessert. The Kilwin’s fudge guy talked me in to the […]