Three Tip Tuesday- Hungry Girl

I have been spending a few extra dollars lately at Trader Joes. $2.99 more to be exact. See this vegetable tray? I have developed a new habit where I grab this tray when I walk into the store and snack my way through to check out and  continue the snacking during the car ride home. I have a […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Cookies and Earth’s Best Review

I’m tired. I don’t often say it but today I feel the need to inform you that I am a bit tired. I decided I was tired yesterday afternoon. You should know that deciding you are tired on a Monday afternoon is not OK. Nor is it OK to discover you have two completely overripe bananas […]

Burden of Knowledge

It was bad enough spotting the return of the school supplies last week in Target. This week I have to deal with the end-cap displays of Twinkies. To reinforce the return of the crème-filled yellow sponge cakes, the little boy said, in a whisper, and I quote: “Do you know how embarrassing it is to be 9 years old and to have […]

Midweek Report

I sat down bright and early this morning to write this post when suddenly my computer decided to shut down and begin 30 minutes of updates. Thankfully, because I am always ahead of schedule, those 30 minutes did not affect my routine. Although it completely annoyed me. I may be “summer messy” but I am […]

Mother of Year Strikes Again

If I didn’t already qualify for Mother of the Year,  I secured the top spot last night for sure. Not only did I take the boy last night (on a school night) to the Islanders/Penguins playoff game, I excused him from Hebrew School, I sported an Islanders T-shirt in support of the orange and blue […]

Kids Fun Run

Isn’t it funny how as soon as you finish one race, you are busy planning the next? I am trying to work on my race calendar but it isn’t so easy. The only upcoming races between now and the fall season are mostly 5k distances. I really don’t like the 5k. I prefer to run […]

Run, Read and Eat Happy

Oh rainbow shoes how I loved you. Lesson learned. Do not judge a book by it’s cover. Although on a side note, I always seem to gravitate towards the novels with the pretty covers that have a picture of a cupcake, brownie or ice cream cone and they usually come through for me as great […]


This cold weather is getting real old. So is the puffiness under my eyes. I am a long time allergy sufferer but lately I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what is causing my most recent flare up. Yep, I play allergist in my spare time. Anyway, I really didn’t think I would still be […]

Spinning 3-TipTuesday and Kidfresh Giveaway!

Tuesday. What was once a blah day stuck next to Monday and nowhere near Friday, is now a fun-filled day every week here at The Cookie ChRUNicles. In addition to being Spin Tuesday, 3-Tip Tuesday and Kidfresh Product Review and Giveaway Day, today also marks a very important day here in New York- well it was […]

March 1st!!

Happy March 1st! Not only am I excited that it is Friday, March 1st signifies that Spring is on the way. In fact, my friend and I refer to March 1st as our unofficial “first day of Spring.” Now, an egg won’t stand on its head for us or anything as it does for the […]

As Good as Godiva?

Good morning! How is everyone doing today? My legs are no longer tired from earlier in the week; I am so glad I did an elliptical workout yesterday as an easy cross training day. It is about 40 degrees this morning which means I can venture outdoors for a short run before I get busy […]