Instagram, Keurig Problems & NEDA Week (TOL)

yogi tea

You may have noticed that I was finally able to reset my Instagram password! Trust me when I say I will NEVER forget my Instagram password after all of this, that is for sure. My goodness, the process of being allowed to reset my Instagram password reminded me of trying to gain access to a secret […]

It’s Not Okay When Your Keurig Breaks In The Morning! (WIAW)


I woke up yesterday morning to a broken Keurig Machine. If you ask me, a broken coffee machine in the early am is the meanest thing that can happen when you first wake up. Like, I don’t want to drive to Dunkin Donuts in my pajamas for coffee because I am too cranky without having my coffee to […]

TOL – Modern Technology, Gym Class & Slow Walking

10k race

  I have so many issues with modern technology and one of them is how available we all are, or really, how available people expect that we are because we are so easy to reach. Kids today not only have cell phones, they now have the ability to text their parents from class to say […]

When Your Keurig Decides Not To Work & Other Random Thoughts

Ben & Jerry's

1.There are two clocks in my kitchen which are both slower than actual time. One is two minutes slower. One is three minutes slower. It’s becoming a problem. Getting my son up on time, getting him to the bus stop for school, every second in the morning counts. It’s only 6:32 he has a few minutes, no wait, […]

Thinking Out Loud – Oovo? What’s Oovo?

  Another day, another snowstorm, another school closure. A reader notified me that the chocolate dipped apple slices in yesterday’s post resembled a heart shape in one of the pictures. Not only did I not do this on purpose, I hadn’t even noticed. And it’s possible I didn’t notice the apple heart because my glasses weren’t on. […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Learning From Mistakes

  There is a very serious game of Monopoly going on in our house. So serious that we left it all set up and ready for the little boy’s next move. If I want to be totally honest, I was too tired to enforce clean up of the game last night so I said we […]

New Keurig And The Fitbit One

  I know you are wondering who/what/when/where and how my first cup of coffee happened yesterday morning after my Keurig incident. It turned out that I was able to play around with the old machine just enough to squeeze out a cup of coffee. But that didn’t matter – all trust was lost. It is quite possible my […]

Keurig Karma

  Never insult your favorite appliance on the internet. I have woken up to a broken Keurig machine. Although this specific Keurig machine has served me well for over seven years, to die on me first thing in the morning is cruel and can only be because I insulted it’s flashing blue light just a couple of […]

Shaking It Up

I am so glad it is Friday…and not for the reasons you would think. Confession: I am so glad it is Friday because that means it is almost Monday – which is the first day of school. I apologize for breezing past your weekend but if you have children who have yet to start school you understand, […]

Sounds and Smells

The winner of the Bestowed Box Giveaway is Meghan from the blog, Fitness CrEATures. Congrats Meghan! ******************************************************************************************************** I am a morning person. I have never used an alarm clock in my life. If I sleep until 7:00 am it is a miracle. I may wake up naturally but the first thing I do is look for my […]

Dessert Happens.

No. It is not my birthday. But it sure feels like it is when one starts their morning off with a delicious treat! The Entenmann’s Vanilla Cake and Chocolate Donut flavored coffees are both heaven in a cup. So yummy and delicious that one is left with the dilemma of which flavor to select to […]