Friday Favorites (Hair/Beauty/Fashion)

nye snow globe heels

I’ve got a whole bunch of random favorites from the last little while so jumping right into discussing them today! I bought this Youth The The People Hydrate & Glow Dream Mask with Vitamin C. You leave it on like a moisturizer at night after the rest of your skincare. It’s so nice and thick […]

Warm Up Songs, Coffee Mugs & On This Day (TOL)

heather and me

  I call these songs my warm up songs since I listen to them every morning as I warm up during my run. Still Falling For You – Ellie Goulding Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift Out of Style – Taylor Swift Thoughts on my song choices: I will never grow tired of any of these […]

Friday Favorites August 2016

Friday Favorites

I hope you don’t mind that I will be skipping a recipe challenge for this week in favor of a Friday Favorites chat! One of the things I am loving though right now is in fact the Recipe Challenge. The Vegan Sloppy Joe’s recipe in particular, which I first made a few weeks ago, is a regular in […]

Top 10 from the Weekend

greek salad

    #1 – I am loving these new puffed heart accessories from Marc Jacobs and wish I could find this pattern in a handbag. The puffed heart wristlet does hold a phone though so maybe I could make it work somehow. #2 – Have you see the new Kate Spade ice cream cone phone case? She has a new ice […]

Islanders in Brooklyn, Savory Salads & Apple Crisp


  So Friday night, through the rain via train (we even did the change at Jamaica) we went to see our Islanders play their first ever opening night game in Brooklyn. This season is going to be an adjustment and let’s just leave it at that before I go off on a long-winded ranting tirade. What I will say […]

Lunch At Koi and Grocery Store Must-Haves For This Week

  Is it really Friday already? My afternoon escapade to Manhattan yesterday was great for the soul but completely confused my internal calendar. My plan was to window shop before lunch but this tank top was calling my name as soon as I reached the second floor of Lord and Taylor. It would go against […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Winter Running Accessories

Were you the child whose mother constantly needed to remind them to wear their jacket? If you were anything like me, you weren’t forgetting to wear your coat; you left it home on purpose. You just didn’t like that extra bulky layer. You didn’t want your arms restricted and couldn’t stand sitting in the car, let alone […]

Possible Shin Splints, Uggs Slippers As Shoes And A Sweet Little Treat

Just because I haven’t mentioned my runs this week, certainly doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening. As you can see, my path is still very much under construction but I am slowly getting used to the new route that I created for myself. Slowly is the keyword here. My pace has been a bit off for easily the […]

Random, Cool and Weird

This week is flying right by me. Luckily, I slowed down enough to not trip myself out the front door. Boys. I will never understand. He is lucky I didn’t hurt myself – it would have interfered with dinner. Welcome back to Wednesday Night Pizza Bagel Night. You kinda want to eat over at our house, […]

Handbag Hunt

I can’t recall the last Memorial Day Weekend that consisted of rain, wind and winter clothes. The temperature yesterday was in the low 50’s with a raw wind and pouring rain throughout the day. The Little League All-Star game was canceled as was my outdoor long run. I ended up running an amazing 13 miles […]