Thinking Out Loud – Random Things

bloomies tank top

  I seriously contemplated doing the whole Thursday is for Thinking Out Loud thing earlier in the week but I thought it may confuse you into thinking it was actually Thursday when it was only Tuesday and that is a really mean thing for me to do to you so I didn’t. So today really is Thursday and […]

I Am Nice. Really I Am…

I am nice. I really am. Just don’t try to test out my niceness on a rainy Wednesday morning that sends me inside to get my run on versus outside on my favorite path. Worse than sending me inside to the treadmill is arriving to a packed gym with each dreadmill already in use. And […]

Do You Believe in Karma?

Almost time for Three Tip Tuesday – but first I have a little story. Now that I am  officially “training” for the Fitness Magazine Women’s Half April 14, I am trying to take my runs back outside as much as possible. It was super windy yesterday morning but I was flying (perhaps because I was […]