Urban Legends & On This Day (tol)

sno caps

Sometimes I leave the television on as background noise while I am working. I don’t actually hear much of it while I am typing away but on occasion I pick up a line here and there. The other day I caught Kelly Ripa discussing how she has a fear of parting with jeans from her closet just in case one […]

Girl Talk: Body Image Chat

cold stone sundae

  Note: Today’s post discusses body image. If this isn’t what you feel like reading today, no hard feelings! See you tomorrow 🙂 A few weeks ago I had a crazy yet enlightening realization. I was getting dressed in my real clothes which involved my favorite pair of black high boots. As I was zipping […]

Jeans Can Lie – NEDA Week

jeans can lie

      Did you see this awesome article from Runner’s World about runners and jeans? I had been wanting to talk about jeans again recently and seeing this article made all of my thoughts come together. They always say that jeans can’t lie but lately I am convinced that just like the scale, they most certainly can. […]

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

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  I heard on the news that this year will be one second longer than last year to help deal with a slowed earth rotation or something. I decided the one second was added at some point this week because this week seems so slow but then they told me the second is due to be added […]

Love Your Muscles

  I am not one to focus on numbers but this really bothered me yesterday. See that 5.88 miles? It is missing a .12. I went for an easy-paced outdoor run yesterday morning. The easy-pace part wasn’t the issue. The issue was my iPhone randomly shutting off as if it were dead towards the end of my run leaving me […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Life Without The Scale Part Two

  I really shouldn’t have labeled this post as a Part Two. I mean, sequels are not usually as good as the original. Except maybe Back To The Future, Part Two. I really liked that movie. But was it better than the first? Not so sure. This post is more of a follow-up, more of my attempt […]