Current List Of Pet Peeves

list of pet peeves

  While I’m definitely an easy going girl, I am also easily annoyed. I have a very low tolerance for people and their nonsense. Basically, I have a long list of what bothers me on a daily basis and I’m in the mood to share my list of pet peeves with you today. So, you […]

Instagram, Keurig Problems & NEDA Week (TOL)

yogi tea

You may have noticed that I was finally able to reset my Instagram password! Trust me when I say I will NEVER forget my Instagram password after all of this, that is for sure. My goodness, the process of being allowed to reset my Instagram password reminded me of trying to gain access to a secret […]

I Cant Get Into My Instagram & Workout Recap

long island

So I still can’t get into my Instagram account! I had updated my Instagram password a few months ago but usually follow a similar pattern to my passwords so that I can remember them. Clearly, not this time! Please be sure you remember your password for Instagram because if you don’t, the password reset process when […]

thinking out loud June 18, 2015

salad from diner

When you find a pair of sandals in your closet that you completely forgot you owned, you feel as though your wardrobe has been reinvented. I have been wearing these gold sandals all week, including yesterday morning when I had to sit and wait for my car’s oil change and inspection. I really don’t mind waiting because […]

WIAW – Recent Eats And Lots Of Apples

sweet potato fries with chick peas and vegetables

  This is not the What I Ate Wednesday I had in mind. I have been planning out some foodie-fun posts like healthy packaged snack choices and finally updating my vegetarian meal planning post but none of that had time to develop because my son STILL HASN’T STARTED SCHOOL. Not that I am complaining or anything […]

WIAW- Random Food Talk

smiley face lunch

  I have random food related things to tell you about so today’s What I Ate Wednesday post may appear more like a ramble and less like it’s usual structured self. Cherries were finally on sale this week so I made my way to the store as fast as I could to pick up a […]

Weekend Time – Needing a Break From Routine

It may be close to freezing this morning, I may need to bundle up in layers and hope to avoid frost bite while running but I don’t care at the moment – I am just happy it is Friday. I am more than ready for a break from the weekday routine. Yesterday, in between after […]


I walked out of my house  yesterday morning with the intention of running on the treadmill but changed my mind immediately once I realized it was not cold, not raining and not windy. What kind of fool elects to run indoors on a treadmill when they can easily run outside? So what if my usual […]

Something To Be Proud Of…

Did you happen to catch the picture of my pantry on Instagram yesterday? Many thanks to my wonderful friends for commenting to inform me that I should be proud to have 23 jars of Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter stashed in my pantry. Make fun if you wish but in the event of a peanut famine […]