First Iced Coffee of Season + Recent Meals + Pizza Superstition

iced coffee

I had my first iced coffee of the season. Decaf iced coffee, actually. I’ve been drinking less coffee over the last few months and surprisingly, I don’t miss the extra cup that I cut out of my daily routine. I also don’t notice that I subbed one regular cup of coffee for decaf in the […]

Pizzas and Salads (plus some thoughts on camp)

pizza bagel

  You know my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza from Mario’s that I eat with a salad, right? Well, this combination actually became my favorite dinner during the summer of 2018. My son was away on his teen tour when I discovered this was my meal and I continue to eat weekly, two years later. Speaking […]

Catching Up With A Thought Per Picture

prime happy hour

  Oh hi. Let’s catch up with a thought per picture again, okay? My friends and I realized Friday night during a beautiful evening happy hour at Prime that we take living on an island for granted. For your information, my idea of happy hour involves water spiked with a lemon wedge, especially when running long the […]

Dunkin’s Doorstep

I didn’t drive thru. I walked. Well, I didn’t walk thru the drive thru (although I certainly would if necessary). I walked into the store. For an iced coffee. My intention yesterday was to take a full rest day. But it was gorgeous out when I put the boy on the bus that I decided […]