Not A Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition Recap

marvel ice cream

It’s a little upsetting that I can’t write one of my traditional Mother’s Day breakfast recap posts. I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s workout recap that our breakfast didn’t happen. I did think ahead to call Premier Diner on Saturday to confirm their Mother’s Day breakfast menu. It’s a good thing I did that because they […]

Busy Week + Toys For Tots + Cosi Salad

cosi salad

  It’s been a busy week so far and it’s only Wednesday! Monday night we went to the Islanders game. It had been a while since I went to a weeknight game BUT I couldn’t resist since this game would be played right here at the Coliseum. ^We like to get there early for warm […]

We Tried Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar!

spoons ice cream cereal bar

  I have been waiting for Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar to open for months. The hype was all over social media and I was literally waiting by my Instagram for the grand opening announcement. Spoons opened last week and we finally went the other day to check it out! Spoons Ice Cream & […]

week in review #7


  Linking up with Meg’s Week in Review! I don’t recall ever being so busy or feeling like I am forever pulled in a 100 directions every single day but I guess that’s just life right now! The Blog: Randomly receiving an email from your web host that your site is being malicious is not what you […]

Memorial Day Weekend Sentence Per Picture

ice cream sundae in a helmet

  When you stop for ice cream at Marvel the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend and realize it’s still light enough to take an outdoor picture, you know that summer has arrived even though the calendar says technically not yet. And no, it’s not a typo – I totally meant Marvel, not Carvel! Marvel has been in business […]

Thursday Things

ice cream candle

Have you seen the adorable new ice cream collection from Paper Source? My son knew that I liked it so he made sure I received a few of the ice cream things for Mother’s Day including this soy cream candle! It smells so good and really turns into a delicious body cream. He also made me […]

All Sorts Of Random

pbj english muffin

    I have selfish reasons for making peanut butter and jelly english muffins for other people: 1) It’s bonus time with an open jar of peanut butter 2) I like to lick the pb&j remnants from the knife after spreading them both on the muffin. Remember when I agreed to allow my son the freedom to select […]

Reader Questions Answered – Marathons & Divorce Stuff

reader questions answered

It’s been a while since I answered some of the questions I receive through comments and via email here on the blog. As some of you already know, I always respond to your emails. Sometimes, I even drop everything I am doing to answer right away! I am so truly touched by how many of you think of me, write […]

Weekend Sentence Per Picture

Friendly's Crowd Pleaser

  After last week’s all potato diet, I didn’t need to restock very much aside from the essentials from Trader Joe’s. I feel so LOVED. Who needs flowers when you get special deliveries from Love Grown Foods?! Look at all of these new cereals and oh my, the Cranberry Pecan Oat Clusters- so delicious! Saturday was […]

My Running Shoe Rotation & Workout Recap

Adidas Energy Boosts

Woah…I am tired! I woke up this morning close to my usual time (because I do not know how to sleep late) and even though I am tired, I am still riding some sort of endorphin high produced by a combination of yesterday’s long run and last night’s Islanders game. Or maybe I am just on a […]

Weekend Highlights & Crowd Pleaser Sundae

crowd pleaser sundae

  I am super excited for the week ahead of me but before we start to think about the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet and Runner’s World Half & Festival, let’s recap some weekend highlights…. I was long overdue for a Red Mango parfait. I didn’t even mind that they were out of blueberries. Pineapple was […]

What We Ate – Reading Terminal Market

peanut butter and jelly raisin bread

  Philadelphia was fun. It tasted good too. I love spontaneous excursions especially when you don’t hold yourself too much to a plan and just go with the flow. I hate stressful vacations that include strict time schedules and checklists of activities. That’s not a good time if you ask me. I didn’t rush us […]