Reader Questions Answered! Part Two

reader questions answered

  Last month I dedicated a post to answering some of the common reader questions that I received by email. I have a few more questions which recently came in on great topics so let’s get to answering them today! You eat oatmeal every single morning but what brand of oatmeal do you buy and which type of […]

Taper Week Workouts And Race Day Essentials

  I can’t help but think back to last year at this time as I prepare once again for this Sunday’s More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon. You may remember that I had seriously and unexplainably injured my left shoulder exactly one week before last year’s race. I couldn’t lift my arm, didn’t sleep for nine days straight and experienced pain far worse […]

Eat More Fruit – Breakfast Pizza Recipe

  This morning’s National Nutrition Month tip: Buy Fruit. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Sometimes, however, the simplest of things tend to be overlooked. Listen, if you don’t buy fruit, you can’t eat fruit. More importantly, if you don’t buy fruit, your children can’t eat fruit. Expecting children to make healthier snack choices, expecting them to realize […]