5 Things I Do Every Day To Make Myself A Better Runner

5 Things I do Everyday To Make Myself a Better Runner

We all know that running gives us time to think and lately, since I have been running on the treadmill, I find I have even more time to think ( I do not know why this is but it’s how I feel). My runs feel even stronger than normal these days and although I think the […]

Winter Skincare Guide

  My friend Robyn and I got so caught up in discussing our college days that when we randomly took a selfie while trying on funny hats in the mall the other day, we were overly shocked by what we looked like in the photo. Do we really look like that? When did we get so old? Is that a line? […]

Making The Switch

I had every intention of unplugging myself from the virtual world for the entire weekend but I wanted to pop in and say hello. Hello! Ok, really, I had a few things to say that just couldn’t wait. First, my long run yesterday morning was simply fabulous. No, I did not chick that guy on my […]

Kodiak Cakes!

I woke up thinking today was Friday. Not surprising since each day this week my mind has been a day ahead. Oh well. It is only Thursday and once again the forecast calls for torrential rain and flooding. Fun. I wasn’t planning on running outside this morning anyway since I figured I should be utilizing my […]