Trader Joe’s Light Vanilla Ice Cream & Other Stuff I Think You Need

vanilla pumpkin marshmallow candle

  My son informed me that the girls are wearing our Lulu Headbands as a fashion accessory each day to school. As often as I question if I am dressing like the kids, this absolutely counts as the kids dressing like adults. And, if they can wear our headbands, we can still shop at Abercrombie. I […]

WIAW- Why Are Blueberries So Expensive?

  Oh hello. It’s raining. And pouring. Thankfully, no one around my house is snoring. I have no patience for such a sound. Let’s take a look at what I have been eating this week. I changed up the usual format to keep things interesting… Breakfast Lately:   Important things to note: *I am still on […]

Hungry Days And The Healthy Brand Showcase

I am glad today is Wednesday. Not because we are halfway through a tough week or that I am excited for the weekend to arrive, not even because I am heading into the city soon for a Healthy Brand Showcase. I am glad today is Wednesday because yesterday was my hungry day and that is […]

Three Tip Tuesday – To Run or Not To Run

So yesterday’s run did not go as I planned. I mean, I never plan for a bad run, I don’t know anyone who does. Right away I felt a little bit off. The tops of my feet were aching in a weird way, my left hamstring might have been saying something and I stopped to tie my […]

I Am Nice. Really I Am…

I am nice. I really am. Just don’t try to test out my niceness on a rainy Wednesday morning that sends me inside to get my run on versus outside on my favorite path. Worse than sending me inside to the treadmill is arriving to a packed gym with each dreadmill already in use. And […]

Words are Worth 1,000 Pictures

Warning: There is only one picture in this post. Sometimes topics need to be discussed and the words are more important than looking at pictures.   News flash people– I am not a machine. Or am I? Why is this up for debate? Let me explain. Some days I can eat what I consider the perfect […]