Lots of Recent Meals To Share + Cauliflower Pizza

trader joe's

  I have lots of recent meals to share today so let’s jump right in! Finally, a slice of whole wheat pizza and a salad again for dinner. It had been at least a week, maybe two weeks, since I had last had pizza! That’s a long time to go without pizza for me! Okay, […]

Was Hoping For A More Traditional What I Ate Wednesday

wild fig salad bowl

I had the grand idea in my head to write today’s What I Ate Wednesday post in the traditional format by sharing one full day of meals. Well, that plan quickly went out the window simply because I kept forgetting to take pictures of breakfast. Remember the other grand idea that I had last week? […]

Monday In Meals (WIAW 8.9.17)

hummus platter

  Oh, hi. I’ve got my Monday in meals today for What I Ate Wednesday! Breakfast: I woke up tired and starving. Last week’s workouts really amped up my appetite over the last few days! It’s really been a while since I felt that true bottomless pit feeling in my stomach that can come from […]

How & Why To Use Tahini Plus Recipes of Interest

salad-with tahini

  I am so glad we enjoyed yesterday’s post. I say we because I honestly crack myself up when I share my everyday thoughts in post form which is one of the main reasons I continue to write this blog — it’s just so much fun! Although, my mother called looking for those extra dating stories […]

What I Ate Wednesday 12.9.15

What I Ate Wednesday

  My son was home sick yesterday with what we will call a slight stomach virus. I am saying slight because for one, I am not one to dwell on illnesses and make them more than they are and two, I like to consider the slight stomach viruses as the kind I will hopefully not catch. Anyway, let’s […]

Completely Random Thoughts Coming Your Way…

meaghan and me

    1. I do not like Gap workout apparel, mainly because the material (especially in the long-sleeve tops) holds a smell. Not a sweaty smell, not a detergent smell, just some sort of smell. I can’t even call it a bad smell. It’s just a smell that I don’t want in my clothes. I don’t like it. […]

WIAW – Recent Eats And Lots Of Apples

sweet potato fries with chick peas and vegetables

  This is not the What I Ate Wednesday I had in mind. I have been planning out some foodie-fun posts like healthy packaged snack choices and finally updating my vegetarian meal planning post but none of that had time to develop because my son STILL HASN’T STARTED SCHOOL. Not that I am complaining or anything […]

WIAW – Homemade Hummus and Winter Apples

  Wow. Loving the comments on yesterday’s post! It is SO NICE  to know that not only are we learning to love life without letting a scale determine our mood but OH MY, how refreshing to realize and see how not alone we all are in our experiences. I do have a part two in mind for yesterday’s […]

Tribe Hummus, Veggie Burger Recipe and Bust Cubby Winner

Good Morning Sunshines! I cannot believe it is already the second day of October. Sure doesn’t feel like it this week considering the temperature is expected to reach 85 degrees today. Yesterday’s 6 mile run wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Maybe I can blame it on the warmer than usual temps? I thought […]