My Running Shoe Rotation & Workout Recap

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Woah…I am tired! I woke up this morning close to my usual time (because I do not know how to sleep late) and even though I am tired, I am still riding some sort of endorphin high produced by a combination of yesterday’s long run and last night’s Islanders game. Or maybe I am just on a […]

Pure Barre, Some Yoga & Lots of Running

running path

    It may have rained all day yesterday which may have interfered with my ability to run outdoors but it didn’t interfere with my ability to enjoy a Red Mango parfait while I walked around the mall. Aside from yesterday’s super rainy day, the rest of the week was really nice. Since it has been […]

Weekly Workout Recap 12/1/14 – 12/7/14

weekly workout recap

I have another running analogy for you today…. Running shoes are like the gas in your car….The more you run (drive), the sooner you will wear out your shoes (run out of gas). You even know when the end is approaching. The light on your dashboard is on telling you that you only have a […]