A Real Go With The Flow Week of Workouts


  Oh, hi! See, I’m back with my workout recaps on a Sunday! This week was interesting in that more than usual, I totally had to go with the flow of life and situations out of my control in order to get my workouts accomplished. There were two days when out of nowhere, spur of […]

Weekend Highlights + Quick Trader Joe’s Stop


  Originally I thought I would share the running post I’ve been working on today but I ultimately decided that I need a little more time. Expect that post tomorrow! So my weekend went by in a flash without me taking many pictures. It happens, right? It feels like it was just Friday afternoon and […]

TOL -sunglasses, watermelon & faulty running gear

selfie highlights

  A fresh head of highlights and I feel like a new person. Only thing is, I forgot to do the picture check in the bathroom of the salon to ensure things looked okay and instead did the picture check in the car which wasn’t the smartest idea with my sunglasses on since the lenses […]

Thinking Out Loud 11/19/15


  I just had one of those moments where you not only realize today is Thursday but you realize tomorrow is already Friday! If you are a really fast eater who is looking to slow down, try holding your fork or spoon with your less dominant hand. I burned my left hand the other night while […]

Weekend Highlights – Literally

Red Mango parfait

        Is it just me or does your first cup of coffee in the morning, especially the first cup on a Monday following a time change, go down in literally two sips? My mug is empty. How did that happen? I just brewed it three minutes ago. I had my hair done (fresh […]