The Secret Recipe Box

Time for Thursday! Rise and Shine! What’s with my peppiness? Well, we know I am a morning person. So I am naturally up and ready for the day. Although I think I am still on a caffeine high from yesterday morning. I worked from Panera Bread and went a little refill happy with the hazelnut […]

Matzoh Monday

I can’t recall the last time it snowed on Passover. It is becoming quite clear that Mother Nature missed the memo that my spring began March 1st. I won’t even complain that I can’t run outdoors today. My feet need to rest after running the last two days. My Navicular bone needs the rest actually. […]


This cold weather is getting real old. So is the puffiness under my eyes. I am a long time allergy sufferer but lately I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what is causing my most recent flare up. Yep, I play allergist in my spare time. Anyway, I really didn’t think I would still be […]